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RSA Beat Pakistan in Hockey World Cup 2010 (Pak Out)

Pakistan hockey team is the highest time world cup champion.But this time Pakistan is out of the world cup.RSA Beat Pakistan by 4-2.

3 minutes: Pakistan made their first attack within three minutes.
5 minutes: Pakistan made their first score against South Africa. Butt scored this goal
8 minutes: South Africa was in attack but nothing has happened.
11 minutes: Pakistan is in attack.
14 minutes: South Africa is trying hard to level the score. Pakistan is playing in defensive style.
17 minutes: Pakistan made a good attack but they could not increase their goal. Ball went just wide. South African player took a long short. But nothing has happened. Pakistan made two attacks in three minutes but Spain defender saved it successfully.
20 minutes: Penalty-corner for Pakistan hockey team.
22 minutes: Pakistan failed to make any score from their first penalty-corner.
23 minutes: Pakistan got second panalty-corner but nothing has happened. Ball hit the player's leg and went up from the goalpost. Two penalty-corners in one minute. Pakistan scored the second goal. Abbas scored this goal.
24 minutes: Bad news for Pakistan fans is that umpire cancel the second goal. So, Pakistan is leading the match by 1-0.
26 minutes: Pakistan was in attack most of the time. However, South African defense look much strong. South Africa took another attempt to make score but they failed.
28 minutes: Bad luck for South Africa. They made good attack but Pakistan goalkeeper saved it successfully. South Africa got two chances to make score but nothing has happened.
30 minutes: First penalty-corner for South Africa. South Africa is still goalless. South Africa has got two penalty-corners in two minutes. They could not use the advantage.
33 minutes: Green card to Pakistan player. Pakistan made another dangerous attack but no score came.
35 minutes: Pakistan got free-hit in the last minute. However, South Africa got a good opportunity but Pakistan defender saved it. End of first-half.


38 minutes: South Africa made their first attack after the start of second-half. However, Pakistan were in attack and close from goal but failed to make score. Penalty-corner for South Africa. Wow! South Africa has scored a goal at last. Now, the match is 1-1 level. Carr scored this goal for South Africa.
42 minutes: South Africa has scored their second goal. Bad luck for Pakistan. Halye scored the second goal.

45 minutes: Pakistan is trying hard to level the score as soon as possible. Change of South African player. Third goal for South Africa. South Africa lead the match by 3-1. Paton scored the third goal.

47 minutes: South Africa got Penalty-corner. It was not useful.

50 minutes: Pakistan is trying hard to score two more goals. Yellow card for Pakistani players.

53 minutes: South Africa is playing well. They made two attacks in three minutes.

54 minutes: South Africa got penalty-corner but they could not increase the goal.

55 minutes: South Africa made their fourth scores against Pakistan. Harper scored this goal.

58 minutes: Highest four time world cup champion team Pakistan lost their hope of playing in the semi-final round.

60 minutes: 10 minutes is left to go on in the second-half.

62 minutes: Pakistan disappointed their fans.

65 minutes: Both Pakistan and South African went on attack once each. 

67 minutes: Penalty-corner for Pakistan. Pakistan could not make any score.

70 minutes: Pakistan could reduce the goal differences but they can not avoid the defeat. South Africa won the match by 4-2

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